Le Raffine 39, officially named Le Raffine Jambu Dvipa Sukhumvit 39 is an exclusive high-end luxury condo in Phrom Phong. The building is very unique as it is one of three condos in Bangkok in which every single unit in the condominium has a private swimming pool on the balcony. The building was finished in 2009 and features communal facilities inclueding a covered swimming pool, fitness center with sauna, play room, art gallery and squash court. Le Raffine 39 which has 34 total floors and about 59 total units is also unique in the fact that most of the units in the building were sold as unfitted shells and finished to the desired specifications of the owners.

The Location

As the name suggests Le Raffine 39 sits on Sukhumvit soi 39 about 350 meters from Sukhumvit Road where the Phrom Phong BTS skytrain station sits. The Emquartier and Emporium luxury shopping malls flank the skytrain station as well.

Unit Types

  • 2 Bedrooms (225 sq.m.) (฿115-120,000)
  • 3 Bedrooms Duplex  (360 q.m. ) (฿230,000-250,000+)
  • Penthouse

Obviously having a private swimming pool on your balcony screams opulent luxury but it is perhaps outdone by the layouts and design of the units at Le Raffine 39. All units in Le Raffine 39 condo features high (4m) tall ceilings and have a brilliant open layout, a large, impressive kitchen and big bedrooms with impressive bathrooms. When you’re inside the building, Le Raffine 39 certainly feels like one of the very best in Bangkok. The location is also very convenient, within easy walking distance to the Emquartier and Emporium luxury shopping malls and the skytrain for transportation.

There was a time when Le Raffine 39 had pleasant unblocked views in most of the units. The real estate around the building was developed rapidly in the mid 2010s including the Emquartier shopping center and other condominiums which blocked many of the views of the units. Having your own private pool on the balcony is great, but when there’s a crowded building within a few meters looking directly onto your balcony, it is a buzz kill for most people to say the least.

The convenience factor of living at Le Raffine 39 condominium extends to walking only. If you want to drive, the traffic is brutal whether you drive to Sukhumvit Road, down Sukhumvit soi 39 or the connecting sois which go to Thonglor as you will definitely not be the only one taking the “short cut” soi which is backed up more often than not. Besides the traffic which plagues most Bangkok condos, you may consider the asking prices ugly going forward as most of the new, small condos on Sukhumvit soi 39 are incredibly expensive.

Renting a Condo at Le Raffine 39

Le Raffine 39 is one of the more difficult buildings to find rentals in Central Bangkok. When people rent a condo with a private swimming pool, they often find it difficult to move to a building in which you can’t take a soothing dip or swim directly outside your living room. Finding a condo to rent at Le Raffine 39 usually requires contacting multiple agents and/or trying to find contacts who work or live at the building.

Buying a Condo at Le Raffine 39

In order to buy a condo at Le Raffine 39 you must get a little lucky. Since most of the sellers have rented out their condos to long-term tenants you will likely either have to do some digging to find sellers, have patience to wait out tenants leases or have the extra cash to pay the tenants to vacate the condo. Approaching 2017 and beyond, you can consider yourself extremely lucky to find any units for sale at Le Raffine 39 for under ฿200,000 per square meter.


Le Raffine 39 is one of the most luxurious and impressive condominiums in all of Bangkok. If you’re lucky enough to buy or rent a unit with an unblocked view in the building, you will surely enjoy living in central Bangkok.

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