Our Real Estate Photography Solutions

The visual representation of the property on a listing is very important. In order to attract the maximum number of prospective buyers or renters your need to have professional photos at the very least.  SiamHomeSource offers several photography solutions for your real estate listing needs. Our full array of photography services will help create the most useful and appealing property listings possible. Our standard photography package includes high quality wide angle images, multi-shot panoramas and high dynamic range photos.

Real Estate Photography
Make Your Property Look its Best for Potential Clients

Listing Photos for SiamHomeSource.com

We are more than happy to have our photographer visit your property to take a high quality, full set of listing photos free of charge. These photos are saved for the web and watermarked with the SiamHomeSource logo and are used for listing on this website and our affiliates only.

Please contact us via email or give us a call to make a photograph session appointment.

If you have an appointment to take photos, please make sure your property is as neat and tidy as possible. To make the photo shoot go as quickly and easily as possible, please make sure the photographer can spend 10-15 minutes at the very least photographing the property, have all residents leave the condo for this time, turn on all the lights and draw all the curtains to allow the full amount of natural light in. For more information visit our property photography guide.

Photo Package Includes

  • Watermarked snapshot quality photos saved for the web, posted on SiamHomeSource.com and affiliate sites.

Photos for Your Use

If you would like a full photo set of your property(s) without watermarks we offer a property photography package. By purchasing a package you will get a full photo set of your property you can use for any desire you like. Most Bangkok real estate investors find that having high quality photos of their properties increase the number of viewings tremendously as well as shorten the time their properties are vacant. Please let us know in advance when you call that you will be purchasing the photos. Th photographer will then use the higher quality settings and also save the photos in RAW format.

Photo Packages Include:

  • Full Sized-High Resolution; Edited Photo Set
  • Reduced Sized: Saved for the Web Photo Set
  • Full Set of RAW Image Files

Photo Package Pricing  (based on size of property):

  • 50-100 square meters: ฿5,000
  • 100-200 200 square meters: ฿7,500
  • 200-350 square meters: ฿10,000
  • 350-500 Square Meters: ฿12,500
  • 500-1000 Square Meters: ฿15,000
  • Full Projects: (contact us for pricing)

Benefits of our Professional Real Estate Photography Services

    • Makes your listing look different, stand out from other listings
    • Allows buyers a comprehensive look at your listing
    • Increases probability of serious buyers/renters

Already Have, Good Photos & Ready to list your Property?