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“I had a great experience with Siam Home Source. Because I needed to move back to my home country to take care of family business I desperately needed to rent or sell my condo. I had worked with a couple other agencies in Bangkok and it seemed they did not understand my situation completely and I had no results with their services. The same week I contacted Siam Home Source they had a photographer come take professional photos of my condo, and had a rental client sign a 24-month contract. I was able to go home on time to see my loved ones and collect income …”

Pierre P., Switzerland, October 2011


“I was quite concerned with finding proper housing when my company moved me to Bangkok but after I found Siam Home Source, I was pleasantly surprised as I spoke with the agent and he was very clear and concise with the information he provided and a great listener when it came to my housing needs. All 5 of the properties I was offered were very nice, exactly what I was looking for and the agent was able to negotiate a great price that fit my budget for a great apartment that was nicer than what I expected I could afford …”

Nigel M., Great Britain, September 2011


“After hearing countless stories from friends about how pointless it was to use the inept real estate agents in Bangkok I was convinced, I was going to try to find a rental condo for myself and my family by myself. I was having a very hard time finding an adequate property so I decided to try an agency and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I contacted the office of Siam Home Source and was greeted immediately by Travis, who was very polite and informative yet realistic. He referred me to one of his agents Anna who promptly sent me photos and details of properties that to my surprise, I was really interested in. It only took 3 showings before I knew which property was a best fit for myself and my family. A month after my very easy and painless move in I received a very nice thank you letter and follow up call as well, needless to say I’m very impressed and thankful for the VIP service I received. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE.…”

Alvin T., Singapore, July 2011


“I was absolutely delighted with the service Siam Home Source provided when it came to the selling of my condo in Thonglor. I fell in love with a new project in Thonglor and I desperately needed to sell my old condo so I could invest in the new project. I had little luck finding serious buyers when I posted my own ads online so I called Siam Home Source. Not only did they come out and meet with me at my office but they went to my property, made some suggestions which I followed and took wonderful photos. It took less than 30 days to sell my old condo for a price above what I was asking. I am so happy and will use them again when the time comes.…”

May P., Thailand, July 2011


“Looking for so long I had become dejected that I couldn’t find a condo that would fit my budget yet give me the most value for my investment. I ended up finding Siam Home Source when searching on google for affordable penthouses. The agents did a great job of quickly giving me a shortlist of properties that I really was eager to view, only a couple were immediately crossed off from the listings. I ended up finding a lovely corner unit penthouse in an older building in Phrom Phong near the office building I work at on Petchaburi Road. I couldn’t be more happy with this purchase and after renovating I will have my dream home. Thanks.…”

Sanjeev G., Thailand, March 2012


“My company provided a relocation specialist for my move from Holland upon arrival and I literally wasted 2 weeks looking for a property rental that suited my family’s needs. I saw a lot of properties which didn’t satisfy my location nor my specific furniture requirements. The agents at that particular company really treated me like a paycheck. I decided to search on google for apartment rentals in Bangkok and came across Siam Home Source. The properties I inquired about were mostly available and I ended up renting a very pleasant, modern 3 bedroom in a brand new lowrise apartment which was very close to the skytrain. My life in Bangkok was made a lot easier by Siam Home Source.…”

Gerhard P., Holland, December 2012


“I had been searching for almost a year for my significant other who wanted to invest in a property in Bangkok. Our tastes were very high-end and I was afraid a property that I envisioned just simply didn’t exist in Bangkok. I contacted Siam Home Source and everything changed. I was immediately counseled and their expertise paid off big time. We came to the mutual decision that I was simply not being open minded enough and had think outside the box. Rather than buy a penthouse that looks nice in photos, something that you would see in a magazine, we found a very good deal, large penthouse in a fabulous building and location. We were provided the best contacts for architects, contractors and interior designers and purchased the penthouse for the right price and know it had the potential to be exactly what we were looking for.…”

Jennifer S., United States, May 2013


“Already owning several properties in Bangkok I usually wouldn’t work with agents but this time I was very busy with my import/export business. I wanted a penthouse for sale in a new building that was below market price which I knew was very hard to find in the current market. I found Siam Home Source on google and I left all the property searching I usually do by self to the Siam Home Source agents. Remarkably it only took one month to find the property I had wanted for a long time. I ended up getting a huge deal on an absolutely wonderful condo, perfect for my needs in every way. I could not thank Siam Home Source enough for saving my time and exceeding my expectations.…”

Christophe L., France, January 2014


“I had been quite anxious about finding a property for my family during my 3-year employment contract in Bangkok. I had found Siam Home Source about 6 months before I would actually be in Thailand and I really appreciated their honesty. They calmed me down by telling me there are quite a few high-end luxury rental properties which are in a constant cycle and I would be better off to begin my search a month or two before my family arrived. We actually were so busy we forgot to contact them until the week we arrived. We called on a Monday morning and by Thursday we were already signing our lease at a perfect apartment which had a great set of amenities that my wife and all 3 kids found to be perfect.…”

Donald B., United States, December 2014


“My husband had been forced to relocate due to work so we were urgently seeking a condo for the family as soon as we arrived in Bangkok. We decided it would be best to purchase a condo for his long work contract rather than rent one. I found Siam Home Source via some classified ads and we were speedily set up viewing appointments for 3 days worth of showings. We had a difficult time at first sifting through all the places that seemed good on paper, yet failed to impress in person. After seeing a dozen or so condos we really got a handle of the Bangkok real estate market with the help of the insightful agents. After about a month of searching we finally found the right property but the seller was being very difficult. We surely thought we would lose out on the property but low and behold our agent really did a great job of negotiations and ended up getting the price to within our budget and the terms to within our acceptable standards. We are very happy with buying a condo and can’t wait to sell our investment when my husband’s contract is up to reap the benefits of the investment thanks to Siam Home Source .…”

Marianne F., Holland, February 2015


“I believe I had quite a difficult request which was a condominium or penthouse which I could not only buy at an affordable price but also renovate to a very high quality standard and stay within budget. I began scouring the web for deals and I quickly found out that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to real estate in the crazy city of Bangkok. I finally stumbled upon Siam Home Source during a google search for Bangkok penthouses on a budget and I was treated to some wonderful and knowledgeable staff that made my first international property acquisition a breeze. I appreciate the help very much and I wish renovating my place to my standards was as easy as buying it with Siam Home Source.…”

Sean G., Canada, April 2015


“Retirement is a pretty stressful ordeal when staying in your home country but since I decided to retire in Thailand I was looking for something similar to my luxury apartment in Sydney. I contacted Siam Home Source about 2 months before arrival. I was happy to receive great support and knowledge through email as well as a fair selection of available properties. My original plan was to buy the best property I could in Bangkok for my budget. I was advised not to spend so much in Bangkok but to buy a modest apartment in Bangkok and opt for a beach villa on my favorite Thailand resort town. I took the advice and with the help of the great real estate agent with excellent negotiation skills I got a fabulous deal on an older, yet nicely remodeled luxury apartment in Bangkok as my base and with the rest of the funds I have time to explore Thailand’s tropical beaches for a good place to relax when I don’t feel like Bangkok.…”

Lucas R., Australia, March 2016