holistic approach to Thailand real estateAt Siam Home Source We take a Holistic Approach to Real Estate

As both a company and individuals we strive to create a perfect environment where both buyers, sellers and investors can coexist harmoniously and all achieve their prospective goals. We strive to achieve this by making it our goal, not only to ‘close deals’ with the greatest proficiency but to set up both buyers, sellers, renters and investors for future success by empowering them with a positive experience and knowledge. We achieve this with a cohesive mixture of a carefully planned out company strategy, intelligent, aggressive marketing and advertising in addition to property management and first class customer service.

A Seamless Blend of Thai & Western Style

Although we built Siam Home Source with several Buddhist principles which make up such a huge part of Thai culture we founded Siam Home Source with the idea that ‘Thai style’ is not always the best way to conduct business in Thailand. We came to the realization that although the many things which are considered ‘Thai style’  contribute largely to the reason why Thailand is such a great place to live, and very popular with expats from throughout the world, some aspects of ‘Thai Style’ are counter productive when it comes to optimally running a real estate business. We carefully picked out the best aspects of ‘Thai Style’ and combined them with the tried and true Western Style business practices to create the perfect technique for conducting a real estate agency in Thailand.

Our team at Siam Home Source Realty are more than real estate agents looking for real estate listings. We are a dedicated team of truly passionate, property professionals, who pride ourselves in truly understanding the needs and wants of our clients.  We realize that the property related decisions we help you make will not only impact yourself now, but you and your family family in the future. We understand that your home whether it is a small apartment, condominium, townhouse, single family house, or even a high-end penthouse is an important part of your life which houses yourself and family. In addition to , it’s where memories are made and it provides for your future.

Siam Home Source Realty was Founded on the E.X.P.E.R.T. Model:

Expertise: Service and integrity supported by real estate expertise is where Siam Home Source stands apart. A depth of local knowledge and eye for opportunities, we are your property partner.

eXemplary: While we have our unique brand of real estate service, we will always remain true to the exemplary aspects of conducting any real estate business.

Professionalism: High end, premium luxury real estate is our passion & it demands our focus. We strive to provide a high level of personalized service, whether you are a potential purchaser, season real estate investor, or simply looking to rent your first home in Thailand.

Engaging: We have always set out with the goal of being one of the most unique, engaging real estate agencies in Thailand. From the attention to detail we take in the presentation of properties on our website, to the knowledgeable and professional yet interesting cast of characters which make up our staff our goal is to be engaging in addition to professional.

Relationship: We pride ourselves in being experts at building solid and fruitful relationships. We make it a top priority to engage in fully functional relationship with all clients based on the very specific personality and needs of each individual client.

Trustworthiness: We would rather lose a client than break the trust of our relationship we have established with either the owner of a property or the prospective buyer or renter.

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