One of the very first luxury condos built directly on Sukhumvit Road, Fullerton Sukhumvit was the flagship condo project from Major Development when it was finished around 2006. Fullerton Sukhumvit is a 37 story, single tower luxury highrise with around 139 units altogether. Being one of Thailand largest real estate developers, Major Development only brands its high end residential projects its name.

The Location

Fullerton Sukhumvit condominium is conveniently located right on Sukhumvit road in between the Ekkamai and Thong Lo BTS skytrain stations, both which are easy walking distance.

Unit Types  (avg. rental prices)

  • 2 Bedrooms (96-120 sq.m.) (฿60-80,000)
  • 3 Bedrooms (132-170 sq.m. ) (฿80-110,000)
  • Duplex Penthouse (300-420 sq.m. +) (฿180,000+)

Upon stepping into the lobby Fullerton Sukhumvit really feels like a grand luxury project. The building is put together quite well, with no small units, this allows for more of an exclusive feel and less crowded common areas. Fullerton Sukhumvit condo delivers with a quality living experience including good facilities and spacious units, the vast majority which have fantastic views which are unlikely to become blocked by future construction projects. The structure of the building allows multiple penthouse duplex units which are some of the most affordable in Bangkok in the mid 2010s. Fullerton Sukhumvit also happens to be one of the very few pet friendly high end luxury condos in Central Bangkok.

As with several of Major Development’s residential projects, the buildings are marketed as top shelf luxury projects during presale. This makes the expectations very high and on the surface they seem their production is on par with what the market but unfortunately after the 5-year developer warranty runs out, the buildings become rundown rather quickly and Fullerton is no exception. You won’t notice large problems at Fullerton Sukhumvit but the longer you stay in the building you will notice lots of small things, whether it be leaks in the lobby, paint falling off, the facilities constantly needing maintenance and other such things that plague the luxury living experience.

It may be redundant to even mention it, but the traffic of Sukhumvit Road can be brutal, especially at rush hour. Since Fullerton Sukhumvit lies in between two major intersections (Thonglor and Ekamai) the gridlock can be severely frustrating for people who drive as a primary means of transportation. Expats looking to rent a condo in Bangkok will also notice some of the rental units in Fullerton Sukhumvit (although having the standard, great layouts) for whatever reason feature absolutely hideous interior design and furnishings. This is of course a condo so, it depends on each individual co-owner’s property.


Coming into 2017 and beyond Bangkok real estate investors will have a tough time finding a property with better value than Fullerton Sukhumvit. The location will always be in demand and there is a steady flow of expat families looking to rent a condo like Fullerton Sukhumvit. The average selling prices are around ฿150k /sq.m. are only a fraction of what the newer, comparable quality projects are charging. It is also a good building to find a renovation project where you can get a good amount of space and make it something ultra modern and be the envy of all your expat friends.

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