Home Improvement

Whether you are starting from scratch buying an unfinished bare shell unit in a condo, remodeling an existing and/or older condo, townhouse or house, restoring your family home or simply looking to retouch certain aspects of your current property, our top quality, professional renovation services can help you get the job cone quickly & efficiently.

Finish Construction / Interior Design

Turn your unfinished bare shell into your dream home or office.

Complete Restoration

Give your existing property a complete facelift. Change or restore any components of your property to whatever you desire.

Upgrade / Remodeling

Upgrade and or remodel specific components of your property including.

  • Doors
  • Closes
  • Closet or room organizers
  • Garage organizers
  • Windows
  • Sliding door or tracks
  • Tile/stone/grout cleaning
  • Sinks & faucets
  • Door / window screens
  • Leakage repair
  • Power washing
  • Bathroom
  • Acoustic ceiling / ceiling tiles
  • Carpet installation


Benefits of Property Renovation

  • Have the exact design you want
  • Increase property value
    • Increase attractiveness to renters
    • Make your property stand out
  • Improve space usage
  • Improve energy efficiency

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