Siam Home Source Property Management

Siam Home Source Property Management

Siam Home Source property management provides professional management services for owners of residential properties including condominiums, boutique apartment buildings and even small commercial projects.

As a property owner, property management is an option that can make your life easier but if handled incorrectly, it can quickly become a costly headache that gets in the way of your daily free-time activities and can even cause you problems with lost income and time from your own business.  Whether you’re an owner of a single property living out of the country, owner of several properties living in Thailand, or a full-time property investor, outsourcing your property management needs can help you reduce costs and stay focused on growing your real estate investment portfolio.

The Scope Our Property Management Services

In a perfect world, you would rent your property to a long-term tenant who would keep the property in perfect condition and have no problems but the real world often presents different issues which we are ready to remedy if they happen. The goal of Siam Home Source property management is to maintain a smooth, problem-free relationship between property, tenant and owner.

  • Find Tenants if needed
  • Handling security deposits
  • Leases
  • Rent Collection
  • Safety and property conditions checks
  • Setting up services (cable, internet, etc.) for tenants
  • Arrangement of maintenance/cleaning services
  • Inspections
  • Problem management
  • Terminating leases
  • Evictions

Siam Home Source property Management BenefitsThe Benefits of Siam Home Source Property Management:

  • Less chances for a Problem Tenant – As a Bankgkok real estate agency we see hundreds to thousands of prospective tenants. We know how to spot red flags associated with of problem tenants.
  • Decreased Tenant Turnover – It stars off by finding the right tenant and when these tenants experience a problem-free, well managed living experience, they are more likely to extend their lease and become long-time, income generating tenants,
  • Timely Rent Payment – With proper lease policies and consistent rent collection, you will receive your rent on time every month.
  • Maintain Property Condition – With problem-free,  long-term tenants and timely maintenance your property will maintain its condition most efficiently, decreasing the cost of future home improvement which will  help improve your ROI in the long term.

Personal Benefits for You the Property Owner:

  • Less Stress – You will completely avoid every issue ranging from small problems hanging a piece of art or as big as a late night emergency. You can rest assured your property will not be harmed by poor tenants or lack of necessary maintenance by the sometimes incompetent juristic offices and you will not be wasting your time preparing mundane paperwork.
  • More Freedom – Where you personally live should not play a factor in where you invest in property. With Siam Home Source property management you can live and travel anywhere you desire regardless of any issues with your property or your tenant’s needs.
  • More Free Time: – For the real estate investor, you surely believe that ‘time is money’ and by using Siam Home Source property management your time can be more profitably spent researching and obtaining new projects to add to your Thailand Real Estate investment portfolio. You will never have to sacrifice any time with your friends and family dealing with any concerns about your property.