On Nut BTS Station – Living & Condos Guide

On Nut BTS station is connected to a large Tesco Lotus shopping center which is the closest major shopping destination for many people in the surrounding communities.

Condominiums in the region of On Nut has been one of the most rapidly developing areas of Bangkok real estate recently. On Nut condos on average have a lower rent and sale price tag compared to the other areas to the west on the Sukhumvit Line of the BTS.

Notable Places near On Nut BTS 

  • Shopping
    • Tesco Lotus
    • On Nut Square (open air market open at 5pm 10 pm daily)
  • International Schools / Universities
    • Wells International School
    • Harrow Kindergarten International School
  • Hospital
    • Jurarat7

On Nut Condos: Condominiums near On Nut BTS Station

  • (U Delight @ Onnut
  • Rhythm (Suk 50)
  • The Base
  • The President (Suk.81)
  • SOCIO Reference 61 (Suk.61)
  • MODE Sukhumvit 61(Suk.61)
  • D Condo (On Nut- Suvarnnabhume)
  • Ideo Verve (Suk.81)
  • Lumpini Ville (Suk.77)
  • The Tropical (Suk.77)
  • U Delight@Onnut Station
  • A Space (Suk.77)
  • Baan On Nut (On Nut 30-32)
  • Lumpini On Nut (Suk.77)
  • Blocs 77 (Suk.77)
  • A Space (On Nut 37-39)
  • The Room (Suk.79)
  • D65 Condominium

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On Nut BTS Station Area Map - (Click to Enlarge)
On Nut BTS Station Area Map - (Click to Enlarge)

On Nut BTS Station Street View