The Nusasiri Grand condo is a dual tower highrise condominium which sits atop a mediplex in central Bangkok. The building consists of Tower A which tops out at 28 floors and tower B which tops out at 22 floors. There are just over 300 total residential condominium units in Nusasiri Grand condo and several dozen retail space condos in the Mediplex on the ground floor which include everything from plastic surgery and beauty clinics to mini-mart and a Starbucks. The residential condominium has a set of amenities in the middle of both towers and includes an outdoor swimming pool, fitness center with sauna, steam room and jacuzzi hot tub.

The Location

Nusasiri Grand condominium is located directly on the corner of Sukhumvit Road and Sukhumvit soi 42. The condo is sandwitched in between two shopping malls, the older (1990s) Major Ekamai shopping mall on the north side of Sukhumvit Road and the newer (mid 2010s) Gateway Shopping Mall on the other side of Sukhumvit soi 42.

Unit Types (rental prices)

  • Studios (36-42 sq.m.) (฿20-30,000)
  • 1 Bedrooms (77-88 sq.m.) (฿30-45,000)
  • 2 Bedrooms (80-152 sq.m.) (฿45-80,000)
  • 3 Bedrooms (136-176 sq.m. ) (฿80-100,000+)

The most blatantly obvious perk of Nusasiri Grand condo is its location. The building is literally right next to the Ekkamai BTS skytrain and there is even a ‘skywalk’ bridge which goes directly into the station. The convenience is downright perfect with this building as you can literally walk to both shopping centers on the walkway above the road so you will not ever have to deal with the busy traffic below. Another good aspect of the building is the units. The one bedroom units feature a 2nd guest bathroom outside the entrance which is very nice to have. The larger two bedrooms and three bedroom units have a nice layout, usually with an open kitchen and maid’s quarters outside on the balcony. The prices at Nusasiri Grand condo are very good compared to some of the higher class buildings but as they say “you get what you pay for”.

Nusasiri Grand is far from a perfect Bangkok condo. Although the building is less than 10 years old at the writing of this post, it feels much older, similar to some Bangkok condos built in the 1990s. The lobby, entrance and facilities are not impressive at all and many of the hallways can give you a dark and dingy feeling. Some of the units have a small, often useless balcony and don’t get optimal natural light and all of the units do not have a noticeably high ceiling. Some of units on the north side of the building overlooking Sukhumvit Road facing the BTS are very noisy as it seems the building wasn’t soundproofed as well as it should have been.

There is really nothing “ugly” about the condo itself. You can really consider Nusasiri Grand to be your average mid-tier Bangkok ‘luxury’ condo with nothing spectacular but nothing downright terrible about the building. If there were something to call ‘ugly’ it would be the nearby traffic. As with every major Central Bangkok intersection with a BTS station, the traffic outside Nusasiri Grand is often times horrible, especially if Ekamai Road (Sukhumvit 65) is the path that needs to be traveled.

Renting a Condo at Nusasiri Grand Condo

Approaching 2017 and beyond, there is a plentiful supply of condos for rent at Nusasiri Grand for very good prices compared to other condos located in similar proximity to the skytrain stations. There is a fair amount of negotiation possible for expats that find a few units in the building as well as some of the landlords who don’t put money into the upkeep and continually upgrade the furnishings will just want to rent their unit out as soon as possible. Most expats who rent at Nusasiri Grand end up staying only for one year which suggests the convenience of a Bangkok condo is not the only reason why expats choose them.

Buying a Condo at Nusasiri Grand Condo

At the time of this writing, the condos at Nusasiri are selling at about ฿100-125 per square meter. If you can find a unit at the lower end of this spectrum it will surely be a good investment whether you choose to live or rent out the property. Regardless of whether the condo isn’t the most luxurious, Bangkok expats will surely appreciate the super convenient location and the unit will be rented out easily.


Nusasiri Grand is a mid-level luxury condo which serves as a good Bangkok rental condo for expats as well as a solid property investment. Out of condos built in the same time period such as The Madison, Fullerton Sukhumvit and The Lakes, Nusasiri Grand is on the bottom of the list, but when you compare to at least 2/3 of Bangkok’s older generation condos, the Nusasiri building is a step up in luxury, quality and value for your money.

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