Completed around 2009, The Met is an iconic 66-story skycraper which commands a presence on Bangkok’s skyline. At certain angles the Met Condo appears to be a single building but in fact it is a three tower residential building with around 370 units in total. The Met Sathorn was developed as a one-off (so far) by Hotel Properties Limited Group and has won numerous awards for its eco-friendly design. The amenities at The Met Condominium include an Olympic sized lap swimming pool, nicely equipped high-end fitness center, gardens throughout and a tennis court.

The Location

The Met Condo is located directly on South Sathorn Road in between Sathorn sois 3 (Suanplu) and 7. The building is separated from the busy, noisy Sathorn Road by a large grass field.

Unit Types (Rental Prices)

  • 2 Bedrooms (96 sq.m.) (฿60-70,000)
  • 3 Bedrooms (168-325 sq.m.) (฿90-120,000+)
  • Duplex Penthouse (600+ sq.m.) (฿350,000+)

By looking at the structure and exterior of the building, most people expect The Met Condo to be a high-end luxury project and the interior does not disappoint. The Met Condo has nice open common areas on the outside and there is plenty of space and greenery in between the three lobbies. Units at The Met condo feature pretty much everything you’d expect in a luxury condo including high ceilings, spacious layouts, quality fixtures and more. Most units at The Met have nice sized balconies with wooden decks and interestingly, The Met Sathorn is one of the very few buildings in all of Bangkok which came standard with installed dishwashers from the developer. Another positive aspect of The Met is both the north and South facing units have nice views of the Sathorn/Silom skyline and Chao Phraya River respectively.

The Met Condo has its faults albeit nothing which will ruin the condo living experience for the majority of expats. A common complaint is the location is “too far” from the BTS when in fact it is about 6-8 minutes to the Chong Nonsi and 10-12 minutes to the Sala Daeng BTS skytrain station and 15 minutes to the Silom MRT subway. There are several Western supermarkets in the vicinity all within a few minute walk which is too much for some people. The likely reason people complain about the distance is because of the traffic which makes driving not an option during busy times of the day. Rush hour traffic on Silom Road can be extremely frustrating, often taking 15-20 minutes in between traffic lights.

This is pure speculation but the 2+ rai land plot which is worth well over a billion baht that lies in between the Met Condo building and Sathorn Road is too valuable for it not to be developed in the future. If another building is constructed in front of it, especially a new highrise, it will surely be an ugly situation.  The co-owners with Sathorn Road facing units with unblocked views will be outraged that in the near future their units will likely to be staring directly into another building instead of the Bangkok cityscape. This will devalue their units and make them harder to sell, ruining their once promising investments.

Renting a unit at The Met Condo

It is evident any day of the week that The Met is a very highly occupied building. People instantly notice after sundown that unlike the vast majority of Bangkok condos, the bulk of the units at The Met are lit up. Since Sathorn/Silom is Bangkok’s CBD (Central Business District) the Met is very popular among foreigners working at the local banks or big business headquarters which occupy the nearby area. These factors make it quite dfficult to find available units at The Met sometimes. The most common units in the building, the 2 bedrooms are a lot easier to find than the larger, more unique 3 bedrooms, duplexes and penthouses for rent. The Met is a building where the bulk of the available rental units are very likely to get rented within a week or two so if you view one and like it, it’s probably best to take it, rather than waiting for another unit with better furniture or a better view as you may end up waiting for months.

Buying a Unit at The Met Condo

As you would expect with a condo the quality of The Met, buying a unit will require a hefty asking price of about ฿175-200,000 baht per square meter. As many of the condos units on the market at The Met get rented out, it is most likely you will find investment properties that already have tenants at this building. Whether you want to buy the condo to live in yourself, or continue to rent it out, you will likely have to inherit a tenant from the seller when you buy.  If you want to buy a unit at The Met Condo and expect to move in on the same day, it’s likely going to be a long property search and rely on timing.


Other than the Sathorn location for some, The Met Condo rarely disappoints those expats keen on highrise living in the heart of Bangkok’s CBD. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a condo to live in or buy a Bangkok condo for investment, the impressive high quality design, exclusive location, nice amenities, views and icon status of The Met condo ensures you will likely get the most out of your money for the short and the long term. We highly recommend The Met Condo but it is wise to do your due dilligence and find out the status of the future of the adjacent land before you make a long-term decision to buy a condo for investment in the building.

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