The Madison is one of the first luxury projects in Sukhumvit that began construction after the Asian financial crisis ended. Completed in 2007, The Madison Condo is a 36-floor highrise luxury condo that has around 150 total units that include only large, 2 and 3 bedrooms. The building has an outdoor swimming pool and a small fitness room with a sauna.

The Location

The Bangkok luxury condo is located directly on Sukhumvit Road right on the corner of soi 41. Nobody can deny that The Madison sits in a truly prime location very close to the Phrom Phong BTS, Emporioum and Emquartier shopping centers and a very convenient Tops Western Supermarket.

Unit Types

  • 2 Bedrooms (115-150 sq.m.) (฿80-85,000)
  • 3 Bedrooms (168-325 sq.m. ) (฿90-100,000+)

From the moment you arrive at the condo , you get the sense that it is a luxury residence. Whether you see the common Ferrari or Lamborghini cars in the parking lot or are impressed by the classy lobby you will no doubt feel that you are in an upscale, exclusive residence. The condominium units in the Madison, especially the larger 3 bedroom units have a very nice, open layout and include high ceilings and lot of windows for plentiful natural light. The condo units on the south side of the Madison will always have a view of Sukhumvit Road and the BTS Skytrain line which is very nice. The location is prime as you will not have to drive at all if you don’t need to, you can walk to Emporium or Emquartier luxury shopping centers as well as the sky train to travel throughout Bangkok with haste.

At one point all the units in The Madison features terrific city views, but as the Phrom Phong area around the condo has been developed, you will be lucky to find a unit with a view that isn’t blocked by a new condo or construction project. The facilities at The Madison are really nothing special and really show their age, especially for the level of luxury which the condo is supposed to represent. Another annoyance for most expats looking to buy or rent a unit at The Madison is availability which is few and far between (more below). Also, when units are available, the spoiled landlords often don’t maintain their rental units after long-term tenants move out.

The Sukhumvit Road traffic can get ugly regardless of your location, but being in a super popular and crowded area and prevalence of new construction projects, the traffic situation for residents of The Madison Condo can sometimes be a complete nightmare.

Renting a Condo at The Madison

Approaching 2017 and beyond, the Madison is and will probably continue to be one of the hottest rental properties in Sukhumvit. Finding a condo for rent at The Madison is very difficult as there are only 152 units, and the ones that are available for rentals are most often taken for several years at a time. Expats who rent a condo at The Madison will be hard pressed to find anything comparable for the price with the spectacular location and spacious Western style units.

Buying a Condo at The Madison

Finding a condo for rent at The Madison is difficult and finding one for sale is even more difficult. Since most of the units are owned by the original owners who purchased in the mid-2000s, the increased property values, high rental tenancy rates contribute to a very good ROI (Return of Investment) so selling is out of the question for most owners.


The Madison is a quality project, one of a select few Bangkok luxury condos which are great home for expat families to live in or rent out as an investments. Availability is very limited so any expat looking to buy a very solid rental income generating investment property or rent a super comfortable, Western style condo with an open layout and high ceilings should act promptly if they view anything in this Bangkok condo.

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