The Legend Saladaeng is a 14-floor condominium situated an a popular area of the Sathorn/Silom area. The 75 unit building was one of the popular real estate developer Raimon Land‘s first residential luxury projects, completed in 2005. A rarity for modern luxury condos, The Legend Saladaeng is also a pet friendly building although units for rent are subject to the rules of the owner regarding pets.

The Location

As its name suggests, The Legend Saladaeng is located on Sala Daeng Road, one of the sois that link Silom and Sathorn Roads. The Sathorn and Silom areas are generally regarded as the CBD (Central Business District) of Bangkok as there are the highest concentration of large office buildings and corporate headquarters which mostly line Sathorn and Silom Roads.

Unit Types

  • 1 Bedroom (66 sq.m.) (฿50-55,000)
  • 2 Bedrooms (96-113 sq.m.) (฿65-75,000)
  • 3 Bedrooms (140 sq.m. ) (฿70-85,000)
  • Penthouse (400+ sq.m.) (฿180,000+)

The Legend Saladaeng is one of the few luxury residential projects built in the 2000s in the Sathorn/Silom area. The units at The Legend Saladaeng were built with quality in mind and while not overly spacious, the 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units offer up optimal living space for expats to feel comfortable. The building’s biggest highlight has got to be the location. Sala Daeng Road is a leafy soi lined with trees and there is a sidewalk which leads to Silom Road where there are countless shopping and dining locations as well as both subway and Skytrain (Silom MRT and Sala Daeng BTS) stations within about 7-8 minute- walk from the condo.

Units on the west side of the Legend Saladaeng have to deal with noise generated by the traffic of Sala Daeng Road. The low floor units are only for those who don’t mind the constant traffic noise, so if you work from home and are considering The Legend Saladaeng, make sure you either find a unit on the other side of the building or have the unit completely soundproofed.

Trying to find an available condo for rent can be an ‘ugly’ experience as it seems the building is always full. Trying to find a unit for sale at The Legend Saladaeng is virtually impossible as the current co-owners have a reputation for quickly snatching up anything that comes on the market before anyone else gets a chance. Not to mention during peak rush hours (6-8pm), the traffic on Sathorn and Silom Roads is at an absolute standstill and should be avoided at all costs.

Renting a Condo at the Legend Saladaeng

The Legend Saladaeng is a very popular condo for rentals among expats who work in Silom and Sathorn. There are really no other comparable (size, quality and location) buildings in the small residential area between Sathorn and Silom. You may have to start looking 2-3 months in advance and view condos with tenants before they end their leases. If you do get a chance to view an available unit in the building, it’s a good idea to put down a deposit ASAP as there are no doubt other expats would love to rent a condo at The Legend Saladaeng.

Buying a Condo at The Legend Saladaeng

As mentioned previously, units for sale in the building are very rare as the co-owners tend to buy anything that hear is available before it goes on the open market. The building is a very popular expat rental so owning a unit guarantees investors a good ROI (Return of Investment). If you want to buy a condo at The Legend Saladaeng it is safe to say that there is a very slim chance of getting a unit unless you personally know the seller or you get an inside tip from someone living in the building. The asking prices at The Legend Saladaeng are around 150-175,000 per square meter which is high for a building of its age.


The Legend Saladaeng is a perfect place to live if you enjoy modern lowrise living in a convenient location. It especially appeals to anyone who works in the Silom or Sathorn areas. If you really want to live in this building, know that you will probably have to start looking a couple months in advance as the availability is limited.

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