Tips for Searching for a House, Villa or Townhouse in Central Bangkok

If you read Part 1: Guide to renting a house/villa in Bangkok – The Market  you should now  have a good idea of what types of houses and townhouses you will be able to find within your budget. Once you find a good selection of houses to rent in central Bangkok or Bangkok townhouses for rent you can submit a bulk inquiry of several properties to look at and your Bangkok real estate agent can schedule viewings of the available properties. Alternatively you can simply give us a call (092-956-1500) us or fill out a Bangkok rental property request form.

Allow Yourself Plenty of Time to Search

bangkok-rental-house-search-timeMake sure you give yourself and family enough time to find the right house or townhouse in Bangkok. Since the supply of modern houses in central Bangkok is so low, and renters tend to stay in them for 2-3 years on average, it is good practice to begin to look for houses at least 2-3 months from your move. This will give you a chance to see enough houses to make an informed decision as well as allow you to view houses before the tenants leave, and before they are being showed 5-10 times per day by every real estate agency in Bangkok.

View Properties with your Significant Otherfamily-house-rental-bangkok

Especially if you are not the primary decision maker, it is almost a necessity to make a quick decision in order to rent a house in Bangkok. It happens often that people lose out on the house they wanted because they did not view the property together with their significant other and it was rented before they got the chance to return for a second viewing. If at all possible you should schedule viewings so that you are able to take your husband/wife along to make prompt decisions that will save you from missing out on a great house and settling for an okay house.

Have Realistic Eexpectations

bangkok-rental-house-expectationsIf you have reviewed the list from part 1 you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect in your budget. Don’t expect to easily find the perfect, modern fully furnished house with a nice private pool and garden a couple minutes walk from the BTS for less than ฿100,000. If you want an extraordinary house for an ordinary budget you could be in for many disappointments.

Keep an Open Mindopen-mind-for-finding-bangkok-house-rental

Shopping for a house is not like booking a hotel room. You are bound to see some houses that need some work, be sure to look for the potential a house may have focusing more on the layout and qualities versus the small problems. For the most part all houses you view will have their flaws as they were designed for other people.


negotiate-bangkok-house-rentalsIn Thailand everything is negotiable and rental houses are no exception. You can negotiate everything from your rental price, lease, furnishings, work to-be done on the house, utilities and more. Your Bangkok real estate agent is experienced at negotiating with the sometimes fickle, stubborn and often difficult house owners.

Book  your Bangkok House ASAP

book-bangkok-house-rentalAs stated before, there is little supply and a large demand for houses, villas and townhouses in central Bangkok. If you see a house which is something special to you and your family, it is best practice to negotiate the terms and put a booking deposit as soon as you can. You can usually book a house 30-45 and maybe 60 days in advance of your move-in date. Know that unlike condos each rental house is often showed several times per day by all agencies big and small, the chances they will be on the market longer than 1-2 weeks is slim


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