Modern, Loft-Style Sathorn/Suan Plu 2BR Shophouse

    Modern, Loft-Style Sathorn/Suan Plu 2BR Shophouse
    Listing ID: PROP-17903
    Bedrooms: 2
    Bathrooms: 2
    Living Space: 190 m²
    Walk to BTS/MRT: Yes - 15 Min
    Parking: No
    June 3, 2013
    Transit: Sala Daeng BTS  


    Located behind one of the few remaining traditional markets in Bangkok, SuanPlu shophouse is in Soi Suan Plu, off Sathorn Road. Conveniently, the house is just a 15 minute walk from Saladeang BTS station or Silom area.

    Spacious Home

    This four story, traditional Chinese shop house was recently transformed into a completely restored and redesigned open floor plan home. The house has a western-style kitchen equipped with a brand-new electric stove and an oven; the third floor is a master bedroom with a bathroom; the fourth floor has a rooftop patio with a second bedroom which can be converted into a study room. First floor can be converted to home office with plenty of space

    Each floor is about 48 square meters, with the total space of 190 square meters for the whole house.

    Lively neighborhood

    The area is the liveliest, folksy and laid-back neighborhood you would ever find in downtown Bangkok. Living behind the market means that you can always have fresh food, fruits and vegetables at your doorstep.

    ​Laundry services, massages, hair salons, florists, hardware stores and the usual 7-11s are steps away, and a full-service Western-style supermarket is 5 minutes by cab down the road. There is also a membership health club nearby with an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts.

    Property Details

    ​Number rooms: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1st floor open plan, open roof deck.

    Size: 190 square meters.

    Appliances : Washer/Dryer, Electric stove, Oven, Water filter, Hot waters and AC Units on all floors.


    Important note to PROPERTY RENTERS:

    Since its location is behind the local market, the house is only accessible by bike or foot – about 25 metres walk through the market from Soi Suan Plu.

    ​A temporary or monthly parking space can be arranged on the opposite side of the street if required. We will also provide an assistance with a professional moving service for a tenant who signs a long-term contract.

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